Property Management

Property Management – Condo Palmas

Condo Palmas, our sister company, is a property management. We have been in property management business since 2006. Our office is located in Las Palmas boulevard opposite to Publito Sur Commercial Center. We have a fully staffed and fully equipped property management wing of the company and our employees practically do not rotate at all, which shows a dedication of the management and employees to the company and the job they are doing.

We are very meticulous when spending your money, so, all receipts for money spent will be available at all times.

You will receive regular monthly statements for your unit, so you will always know where you stand.
We have our own maintenance crew which is good with plumbing and electrics and can fix most of the problems within a few hours.
We have been in property management business for a long time, so we have all necessary equipment and tools in the company already, so you won’t have to spend your money to buy it as most of the start-up companies would do.
Our management administrative staff speaks Spanish, English and Italian, so you won’t have any communication problems.